Welcome to Point-to-Point 2019

How to Use the Map & Purchase Spots

Please view the video below for instructions on how to use the interactive map for purchasing Tailgate spots, Guest Wristbands, and Premium Parking passes.  Afterwards, click on the Buy Button below the video to enter the map and purchase. 

Tailgate Wristbands

To purchase Guest Wristbands:

  • Click on the “Buy Now” button on home page
  • Once on the map, enter the Tailgate spot “number “ (number only) that you wish to purchase Guest Wristbands for in the Search box in the upper left
  • This will bring you to the spot box on the map. Click the “Buy Now” link next to Wristbands.
  • Enter the last name of the tailgate spot owner (first letter capitalized) as the password  in order to purchase the wristbands.

Premium Parking Passes

A limited number of Premium Parking Passes are available for sale.

  • Premium 1 passes are for the Infield Section, which includes Sponsor, Racing Member, and Club Member, and are $15 each.  Please click here for Premium 1 Pass

  • Premium 2 passes are for the Country Club Loop Section and include Carriage View, Trackside South, and Tent South, and are priced at $25 each. Please click here to purchase Premium 2 Pass

    • Premium 2 parking passes are limited and reserved for guests who are entertaining in Country Club Loop tailgate parking and Tailgate Tent areas only.
    • General admission guests and guests tailgating on the Infield Tailgate Parking area should use Premium 1 parking pass.
    • When ordering your parking pass, please enter the tailgate spot you are attending and the last name of the person who purchased the spot in the comments field.
    • This information is required so your reservation can be confirmed and processed.
    • A tailgate wristband is also required to enter the event in that area.